Pre-K  class times Monday Wednesday and Friday 8:30-11:30am

In the Pre-Kindergarten classes we work on getting ready for the big world of Kindergarten

* We work on our numbers and what they mean (ex. that four toys mean the number 4)

* We learn our alphabet and the sounds that each letter makes

* We play with shapes and experiment with them

* We work on our cutting skills by using different objects to cut. All of which is under close supervision and we talk about scissor safety

* We play a lot of learning games. Children will learn faster and retain information longer if it is played as a game. I enjoy making the games that we play.

* Science experiments under close teacher supervision

* We enjoy artwork each day and free choice center time.

* I supply a snack with fruit or veggies, crackers and milk

I had the privilege of a Kindergarten teacher coming to observe one year and she was preparing to leave my pre-k class that she asked if she could have the whole class next year, as they were very well behaved and enjoyed their class time. My classes are structured but have lots of love.

T-Th Class 8:30-11:30am
Our Tuesday/ Thursday class is generally filled with 3 year old

* We work on learning to share the toys with our friends

* We are learning to sit for short times listening to the teacher

* We start with the very basic steps of learning the alphabet, numbers and colors most of this is through learning games

* We play games that help us learn what shapes look like

*we enjoy art projects daily

* We enjoy free choice center time where there are several options for playing, learning and art

* I supply a snack with fruit or veggies, crackers and milk