Sept. 2017 Newsletter

Dear Families,                     

              Welcome to Faithful Heart Preschool. If you are returning family I am so happy you are joining us once again. If you are a new family I welcome you to our little preschool. I really enjoy teaching children and I love all the excitement that they bring to school.We spend our first few days getting to know each other and the rules of the preschool. We will enjoy free choice centers where there is lots to choose from and an art project each day. As the year goes on I will be adding the amount of time that we actually sit and learn. We are too excited to sit much at this age so we learn in motion. What looks like play to you, we are really learning about each other, colors, shapes, numbers and letters as they are introduced.

            I ask that no perfume, cologne or scented lotion to be worn in the classroom and this is very important for your children as well. I am very allergic to scents and get extreme headaches.

            If you drive a large SUV, Pick-up or van to please park outside of our gated area as the inner portion has a small turning area. It is also safer for the children as they can be hard to see when backing up. Please drive with extreme caution and don't be afraid to pull to the side on the grass by the arborvitae to make way for another vehicle

           If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to speak to me after class or call or text me at 541-974-2096. I want this year to be a wonderful experience for you and your child.


Linda Froemke