I have nothing but respect fort Mrs. Froemke. She has been so amazing with my daughter who has never been to daycare or any other preschool. With her teaching my daughter has learned and accomplished so much this year in Faithful Heart Preschool class. I am so happy that Mrs. Froemke was her preschool teacher. She works so well with the kids and when my son is ready for preschool I will definitely be back. ~ Jacqueline

Linda Froemke first taught my oldest son for a year, and then my second son for a year. She is kind, patient and has set up a wonderful preschool with Faithful Heart. I loved hearing my sons talk about the wonderful things they learned from letters, to science, to new Bible stories. They also prayed together everyday. She is an amazing teacher, and my kids loved going to her class.   ˜Valerie 

  Linda Froemke has a heart for children. Though my daughters were in her pre-school years ago, they are excited when they see her even today and to a mom, that speaks highly of her impact on her students. Linda has an understanding and knowledge of theories, how to teach students in such a way that they understand even the most difficult of concepts. Linda is patient, loving and a wonderful teacher. We would highly recommend her.  ˜Angi  and girls 

  My experience with Linda as a Preschool Teacher was amazing...life changing. We developed a friendship and I became her assistant. Linda's approach and demeanor with the children inspired me to be a better parent. She really has a heart for teaching and gets much satisfaction from watching their little minds grow and personalities shine. I have made a lifelong friend with Linda and recommend any family to welcome her into their life as a teacher and a friend.˜Carrie

  Although, Linda Froemke, is also my mother, she is a wonderful teacher who cares deeply about your child as a whole. She puts in incredible effort to make sure your child gets the best education. She also creates a lot of her own games and activities so they get a unique experience. I have come into her classroom over the years to teach animal safety and her classes have always been pleasant and respectful. I always enjoy bringing in "special visitors" like baby rabbits and Allie my Border Collie. She is truly an amazing teacher and you won't be sorry enrolling your child into her classroom. The experience your child receives is like no other. ˜Shelly